PADI 5 Star Dive Center

Deep Blue Divers is the only 5 STAR Dive Center in Ionian Sea area and it is located in the heart of Sivota, Greece. Deep Blue Divers offers the full range of PADI Scuba Diving Courses, Technical Diving Courses, & Professional Courses. Activities for children and beginners as well as daily & night boat dives, fun dives, private dives and tech dives, to dive sites around the Sivota islands and the surrounding areas.

Deep Blue Divers PADI 5 Star Diving Center is at the main square of the picturesque village of Syvota, Thesprotia, famous for its natural wealth and beauty. One can pair his favorite hobby with his summer vacations in a group of small islands full of exquisite beaches and an all-green landscape overhanging the blue sea.

The diving center is a magnet for the fulfillment of stress-relieving entertainment as well as a data bank for diving. Taking part in an entertaining dive touches all human senses augmenting our receptive ability and interpersonal trust getting us ready for the absolute sense of an underwater trip.

The visit to the underwater world in the company of Deep Blue Divers is an unprecedented experience with multiple aesthetic discoveries in every one of our activities.

Deep Blue Divers follows a course which through various activities makes every one of us realize the value of preserving the nature of the deep sea but also the respect for human life, two interrelated ideas!


Deep Blue Divers PADI 5 Starr Dive Center due to the recent outbreak of the novel corona virus (Covid-19), trained by First Response Training International and complete the course for Airborne Pathogens.
Deep Blue Divers following the guidelines of DAN (Divers Alert Network), PADI (Professional Association Diving Instructor) and SCUBAPRO (Professional Equipment), decided to take extra measurements in order to guarantee the safety of our customers and workers. We advance a series of measures that we will adopt to be able offer our services with the maximum guarantees possible.


  • Deep Blue Divers trained by First Response Training international and complete the course for Airborne Pathogens.

  • Daily general disinfection of the premises, with several applications in areas of common use.

  • We provide our customers with hand sanitizing gel, both on the premises and onboard the boat.

  • We provide you antiseptic wipes for disinfection of mask and mouth piece.

  • We provide you antiseptic spray for disinfection any part of the equipment.

  • The disinfection of the equipment is done, by submerging the equipment in 10 % bleach solution for 30 minutes, also we use a clearing product of SCUBAPRO for wetsuit and quaternary ammonium compound. Then the gear will be washed with fresh water. We still continue to use Dettol solution to disinfect of all the equipment.

  • We operate with small groups of divers.

  • Private services upon request are available.

  • We do briefings for the Courses and Discover Scuba Diving Programs at the beach and onboard for the boat diving.

  • All our staff will wear a mask.

Since the outbreak we take additional precautions, such as using a higher concentration of specific disinfectant for COVID-19. We would suggest all of the certified divers, as much as the spread of Covid-19 is active to bring their own mask, tube and regulator mouthpiece. For those that they will still like to use rental equipment, inform you that we sanitize all the equipment after each use.

Thanks for helping us put them into practice.

Diving in Sivota

At Sivota (Ancient Greek: Sybota) took place, according to Thucydides, the largest naval battle between Greek city states until that time.  The battle of Sivota was happen in 433 BCE between Corcyra (modern Corfu) and Corinth and it was one of the immediate catalysts for the Peloponnesian War.

Sivota area was visited by the French naturalist Jacques Cousteau and his exploratory vessel Calypso, trying to dedicated the historical Sivota Battle……. but……. so, you never know what you can discover with Deep Blue Divers at diving!!!

The deepest part of the Sivota area reaches the 120m – 140m between of Sivota islands, Paxos island and Corfu island. At the coast line and around the Sivota islands are the shallowest diving spots. Through all the summer we don’t have winds, off course sometimes coming from the northwest but we have many diving spots around the islands which is protected from the wind.

Sivota enjoys a Mediterranean weather, with almost no rain in the period between May and September with sun all summer long. Diving in Sivota is very relaxing, the Ionian Sea is a friendly non-demanding environment. The visibility ranges from 25 to 35 meters all year round and we don´t have tides, so the water movements are minimum. Also the currents are well known for being inexistent or very low. Such good visibility temperate waters and no currents or tides makes it the perfect spot for a relaxed diving. The water temperatures range from 19 degrees in May until its peak of 25-26 Celsius degrees in July – August and September, we usually dive with a Scubapro 5mm wetsuit, in the warmest months even a shorty wetsuit will do the job, but we always offer 5mm long wetsuits for our customers. If you´re planning to bring your diving equipment, a 5mm long wetsuit will do for almost all the year. If you´re likely to get cold while diving we can also provide you chest vest, hoods, gloves, and we can always put another shorty wetsuit on top. The diving tanks we use are made of steel, in 10 or 12 liters size, also 18 liters on request.

Marine life:

The Marine life in Sivota is the typical you´ll find in the Mediterranean, Damselfish, Sea Slugs with predominance of (Pink Flabellina and Spotted),Groupers,Barracudas, moray, Octopus, Squids, Sea Breams, Wrasses,eel, Sea Horses, Parrot Fish, Flounders, Sea Slugs, Scorpion Fish, Gobies, Trumpetfish, Red Mullet, Amber Jack…also dolfins and sea turtles!!!
With most of its biodiversity located where the Posidonia meadows are, Sivota offers the opportunity to be amazed by the bright colors of the different families of sponges that grow in the area. Also amazings starfishes of different families and different sizes with wonderful colors, they will steal your heart!


Water is my favourite element.. I like to feel it, to move and breathe in it while observing or dreaming.. It’ s not easy to find people who share the same feeling for it.. Diving with Alexandros is a wonderful experience.. not just because he is passionate about the deep sea and the sealife.. but because he guides quitely , he gives you space and time to explore and take initiative into the water, he is like a silent and protective guard . This kind of diving is so similar to a nice yoga class. You find yourself in a neutral place and time where you can meet your true essence without limits . You let yourself go with the flow. I truly adore this feeling . I am so happy for yesterday ‘ s diving experience! Thank uuu!!!

Fay Balomenou

Alexandros and the team all very friendly and approachable. I showed up on spec with just my fins and mask and asked them if they would take me out to practice freediving. Alexandros arranged boat, buoy and marked up line, wetsuit, hood and even had some friends along as safety divers. Smart boat, friendly and professional outfit. I hope I get the chance to dive with you all again. Thank you Deep Blue

Michelle Gray

Top of the line, very well run dive centre. The equipment is in perfect condition – especially the compressor room. Simply beautiful. As a divemaster, its obvious to me, that the staff takes safety extremely serious. In my time diving I have only seen few places with the attention to detail, that these people have. 10/10!

Frederik Foder Randrup
Those guys are THE BEST! They are the reason why I became passionate about diving. Deep Blue Divers has the most professional, funny, best diving team – I am a fan 😃
Nadia Bechsgaard

A few days ago, I completed the open water diver course! Overall, an amazing experience!!! The instructors made it even more fun and were fully supportive and professional throughout the course. Highly recommended PADI spot, with top-notch gear and a strong focus on safety!
Alexandros, Giorgos, Vassilis and Pernille keep up the good work guys and thank you for introducing me to the amazing underwater world!

Sotiris Lenas

Spent last afternoon with the deep blue team Millie and Sam both enjoyed there dive both kids were made to feel very relaxed and enjoyed there dive can’t wait to come back highly recommend to friends!

Paul Taylor

Not only great diving but also great and awesome people! we had an awesome time and so much fun!! A must go if you’re in for great dive and fun. you find the most qualified, happy and fun people here!!
thank you so much guys!!
Martin and Ann

Ann Banano Kjellerup

Very friendly and professional people… My kids want to dive again, again, and again….

Vafeiadis Anastasios

Excellent dive school, we did two fantastic dives (one night dive). Very friendly, encouraging, fun and importantly safety conscious. Thank you!

Frankie MacMillan

Such an amazing experience! It was so special, and with the best guidance, helpful, funny and really made a difference in experience, definitely not the last time!! I cannot put words on how amazing it was!!
5 stars

Lisa CaAl

A special experience from the best of its kind! The excellent team of Deep Blue Divers is distinguished for its professionalism and the appropriate approach to everyone! After this experience there is no doubt that I will do it again soon! I highly recommend it, whatever doubts anyone has! You will have new friends!

Vicky Oikonomou

Unique experience! Kostas Georgia and Anna were very friendly and make you feel really comfortable with them. In the same time they were very professional and welltrained, making you feel very safe! An absolute MUST DO!!!

Kelly Tsioka

Deep Blue Divers are not only a fantastic professional, safety efficient company but they are a great down to earth bunch of people who really make your experience worthwhile.
The Deep Blue Dive team, made it possible for my Husband to propose to me under water, with ‘Will You Marry Me’ written in Rocks on the Sea Bed….
A truly magical experience, that I will never forget!
Can not thank you all enough and would fully recommend for anyone wanting to learn to dive, ALL our Love xxx
5 stars

Ruth Steel

We have been diving at dive centers in various parts of the world and Deep Blue Divers is one of the most professional ones, both concerning safety regulations and service. The equipment is top nodge and the instructors very professional. Thanks to Alexandros for 2 fantastic dives yesterday! We will for sure be back!

Mette Dahl

Have just returned home from 2 amazing dives with the best diving center. They are some mood bombs and love to talk to one. We dived out between the cliffs of Sivota and the instructors were really good at helping, learning and showing. 5+⭐ from me

Maria Lilbæk Hedegaard

Indeed Tec diver friendly facilities!Alexandros and Kostas, you guys rock!!! See you again soon!

Panos V. Nutz

First dive ever and within minutes I’m inside the Alcatraz tunnel
Great support from Alexandros made this a fantastic experience and a must do for anyone thinking of taking the plunge
A big thank you 😎

Michael Beecroft

Fantastic crew, very friendly and helpful and 100% professional.
3 dive in 2 days together whit the crew from Deep Blue Divers .
Can only recommend to Deep Blue Dives.
We come back👍

Henrik Jensen

Serious, serviceminded, keen to give all a great experience, fun, safety first, relaxed & no stress, quality equipment, clear water & great diving sites etc etc….. Shortly said; Deep Blue Divers in Sivota we can highly recommend…
Chris&Michael, Denmark

Michael Hansen

I can recommend this dive center. Professional and serious, and they took responsibility for
the security.
They are also great to talk with.
So just dive with them and have fun. 👌🐟

Lars Bjørn

Das Team ist wunderbar. Hatte schon lange nicht mehr so einen schönen Tauchgang 😍
Best Team ..Great diving of my best …. Highly recommended ❤

Isabella Schenk

Fantastic experience! Very professionel and nice instructors! If you are in Sivota you must go diving with Deep Blue Divers!!

Mikkel Hebsgaard Lauritsen

My husband and I were on our vacation in Sivota and one day, somehow, we dropped our gopro camera. The bottom was at 7 metres, but it was covered in grass, very thick and long, we couldn’t find it for two days. But then we went to Deep Blue Divers and they offered us help right away and managed to find our camera and save our memories. Thank you so much once again!!! We are grateful for having chance to meet you!

Jesena Zugic

2 great dives today. Felt very comfortable as soon as I arrived at the dive centre. Very professional, good quality equipment, all well maintained. Dive leader and instructors excellent. The fish life was the best I have seen in Greece. The best dive I have had in Greece. If you are thinking about going- I can’t recommend highly enough!!!😎😎🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♂️🐠🐟

Kate Pym

Diving with Vassilis and Ana was an amazing experience!!! One of the best of our lives! Thank you so much for doing what you love and share it with us ! We had a lot of laughs so thank you for that! Many kisses from Paris !! We hope to see you again next year 😉 Baptiste & Beatrice

Beatrice Pitoulis

Really fantastic instructors – friendly, patient, chilled! As a rather anxious beginner I found them so helpful. We had a great trip – thanks!
5 stars

Philippa Cross

Professional but fun. Alexandros and Pernilla made my 15 year old daughter feel comfortable on the final stage of her PADI training and qualification dives. As parents we had absolute faith in Alexandros and the team for her safety and enjoyment on the dives. We contacted them from the UK by email having been referred to them by Neilson who we were holidaying with. The dives dates and timings were sorted out by text while we were there and we accompanied her to the dive sites and borrowed some masks and snorkels to potter around while waiting for her to surface. The underwater pictures they’ve sent us are fantastic for us to see her really enjoying herself and for her to keep. We highly recommend.

Helen Parsons

Had a great time scuba diving today with a friendly, helpful, supportive team, and perfect diving waters. Would recommend to anyone, especially beginners.

John Dale

Fantastic, Awesome could continue….. Educated and well trained people. Great place for diving. Great for a beginner like me.

Henning Gammelmark

A must if you come to visit Syvota. We had booked our session in advance and they where very helpful with any kind of questions we might had. Professional and eager to help with any difficulties during the course. The Deep Blue Divers team is amazing and we thank you a lot for the amazing experience .

George Vergidis